CIS SMESCO and ASEAN Economic Community in Yogyakarta

The Center for Integrated Services of Small, Medium Enterprises and Cooperation (CIS SMESCO) is the program of the government to develop and strengthen MSME sector toward ASEAN Economic Community 2015 that carried out in some provinces in Indonesia. D.I.Yogyakarta has large number of SME that focused on Creative Industries and also has the best management practice for CIS SMESCO since 2014. This institution acts as technical unit implementer, which is delivering non-financial comprehensive services to help MSME actors.

This study employed the qualitative descriptive method. The data was collected from varieties of information sources such as websites, books, journals, observation, reports and deep interview to the key respondents that are related. The location of this research is in CIS SMESCO D.I.Yogyakarta and Cooperation, Small and Medium Enterprises Board of D.I.Yogyakarta. The objective of this research isto describe and analyze the data information of CIS SMESCO’s programachievement results based on aspects of successful implementation factors.

The research finds that, the implementation of CIS D.I.Yogyakarta is still not quite effective based on the implementation of seven services and requirements set by Ministry of Cooperation and MSME regulation No. 02/Per/DEP/.4/I/2017. In communication aspect, the CIS DIY has not fully effective in delivering information. The resources owned by CIS DIY are adequate. However, there is still need more human resources to maximize the function of CIS SMESCO DIY. In terms of dispositions of CIS DIY consultants on the implementation program activities is in general shows a full commitment. On the other hand, judging fromCIS DIY’s bureaucratic structure, although the spread of responsibilities are alreadyclear and in accordance, except the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) could not be implemented completely as the monitoring to the CIS member has not properly done as to measure how successful the services are to help craft-based SME in developing their business.

The services should not only prioritize on number of implemented program activities. The CIS SMESCO D.I.Yogyakarta has to do more efforts for assisting monitoring CIS members. It should include assistance in solving business problems that are being faced by CIS SME partners as well as knowing how far the CIS SMEpartner’s business development after they received the services, particularly forthose who have participated in the extensive business mentoring or training classes.

*this research is thesis for graduate degree at Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University, 2017. Check link

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